Top 10 Signs You Are Getting Dumped Very Soon

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It is widely acknowledged that during the first days and weeks, a relationship is all about fun and games. In fact, most people would not even imagine of a break-up happening during these initial stages, and if for any reason they are dumped, the whole thing can have a toll on them. Thankfully, there are number of things that can tell you of an imminent ouster. For men, here are top signs you are getting dumped by your girlfriend.

She starts picking fights

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Fights are normal in a relationship. However, if she starts picking fights for no apparent reasons, that is a clear indicator of an imminent break-up.

Intimacy is no longer there

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You suddenly realize that you are trying really hard to get a hold of your girlfriend’s hand. There is no that spark when you are together, no cuddling, no hugging and no kissing.

She stops calling you

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When you were starting out, she used to call you more often and you could talk on phone for hours. If she has stopped doing that, it may mean she does not really love you anymore, or is just ringing someone else.

She is not excited about your accomplishment

signs you are getting dumped

If you get to a point where she does not acknowledge the good things you are doing, it could be a sign that she is no longer into you.

She looks happier without you

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If you are not very keen, you will not be able to notice these changes. When you are with her, everything seems dull and not exciting any more. Interestingly, when you see her with other people, especially friends, she seems very happy. That could also be one of the signs you are getting dumped.

She starts spending more time with her friends than you

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You used to hang out a lot together, but that has now changed. Your sweetheart now hangs out a lot with her single friends. That is a clear indication that she is trying to get back in her circle, with intentions of dumping you really soon.

She wants to have some space

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If she proposes some times off or she tells you that she needs space, that may just be a plain excuse. The truth of the matter is she wants space from you.

You can not reach her when you need to

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Although there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to this, the truth of the matter is that she is purposely avoiding you by hiding.

She asks for something you can not give

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It can be a new car, or a diamond ring. If you personal choices are being challenged at all levels, it is very likely she is pushing for your limits until you cave in and that would be a very easy for her to walk away.

Trust your instinct

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Don’t underestimate the power of instinct; if you wake up today feeling something is not right in your relationship, don’t brush it off. Living in denial can keep you from seeing the signs that your relationship is going nowhere.

In conclusion, there are numerous signs that can tell you are be dumped. However, the few signs mentioned do not necessarily mean that she is going to quit, but should you see any of the above, you may want to talk it out with her. They are signs you are getting dumped.



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