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After retirement most government officer do not last long. Their wives do.

I is a matter of simple logic. With official accommodation taken away, telephone gone supply of newspaper at government expenses stopped, emoluments cut down to one third or even less, officers just retired lose or gain weight faster than while in service.  Either way it is injuries to health which otherwise also is not expected to be that good at 58.

Bu more than anything else what hastens a retired government officer’s march to his ultimate destination is the loss of his authority. While in service, sitting in air conditioned rooms.he exercise almost absolute control over the destiny of numerous people. To underscore this position, he puts up a light outside his room. When this light turns red, take it that the bloke is seriously involved in something extremely important and therefore, he must not be disturbed.

This authority whithers away the moment the officers is superannuated. Like a king forced to abdicate, he departs from the scene and receds into wilderness wide which has no respect for what one might have been.

Wives of retired officer’s generally share with them all the vicissitudes of time. Except ones. And that is loss of authority.  Science in their husbands heyday, they had none, they lose none. Their Kingdom is their kitchen. And they retain. The sun may or may not set over the british empire.  It cannot set over their supremacy in the kitchen.

Thei windows continue to live. Not that they are happy. No widow can be. But they have their kitchen. The kitchen still belong to them.

Their is only one officer among those I was feiendly with who, after retirement, lost his wife before he himself kicked the bucket. Earlier, he was always quarrelling with her. When she was gone, he did not know whom to querrel with.

He went to pondicherry in search of peace. There he stayed at aurobindos asharam at rs 30 a day. He came back soon for there was no peace in that heaven either. Besides as he said the price involved including the cost of travel was rather too much.

Whe I try to share this thought with my wife  she becomes agitated. ”You do what you like,”says she I have a lot of work ti do in the kitchen. There is no age of retirement there. It is my JEEVEN REKHA.



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