6 Sexiest Photos Of Deimante Guobyte You Can Not Resist

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It is hard to find a better-looking model than international sensation Deimante Guobyte. The 23-year-old girl has modeled all over the world for Whimsy, Nordstrom, Rene Rolfe and Anastasia. She is currently being kept busy by the modeling agency she currently works for, Elite Model Management. Her body has been described as perfect for the bathing suit and lingerie industry.

Whether in full dress, a bikini or lingerie, you cannot disagree that this woman is sexy in almost anything she is wearing. Viral Craze has collected 6 sexiest photos of Deimante Guobyte. Let’s take a look!

Here are 6 sexiest photos of Deimante Guobyte

Deimante Guobyte getting sexy while at leisure

sexiest photos of Deimante Guobyte 1

Deimante Guobyte in Miami frolicking on the shores of Miami Beach with boyfriend, American musician and Grammy winner Maxwell. Even when pictures are taken of her during her leisure time, it is hard to say that the photographs are not sexy.

Deimante Guobyte is among the most sought-after models

sexiest photos of Deimante Guobyte 2

Deimante Guobyte is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after models in the world and has recently been shooting in Milan. Her work takes her all over the world, but she still owns property in Lithuania, which she describes as her most prized possession.

Deimante Guobyte feels the sexiest at the beach

sexiest photos of Deimante Guobyte 3

According to her, the wildest thing she has done for a photo shoot was when she was in the Galapagos, where she had to swim with the sharks surrounding the island. She keeps in shape by daily workouts and being a vegan. However, she feels the sexiest at the beach, which also keeps her in shape.

Deimante Guobyte is both gorgeous and brainy

sexiest photos of Deimante Guobyte 4

There is a lot more to this supermodel than most people would expect. She has been attending business school for several years and is on her last year of her degree. After completion of her degree, she plans on becoming a veterinarian, because of her love for animals. As you can see, she is already planning for her future, while still working in the fashion industry.

Deimante Guobyte likes Tweeting her photo shooting

sexiest photos of Deimante Guobyte 5

When you have brains and beauty, you can go a long way and Guobyte seems to meet these criteria. Her blue eyes and blonde hair have placed more and more demand on her, but with her living a clean life, she seems to be handling the pressure well. She keeps in touch with her fans through her Facebook and Instagram pages. This is the way she communicates most of the time, but when she is on a shoot, she likes to tweet.

Deimante Guobyte’s sexiness is hard to resist

sexiest photos of Deimante Guobyte 6

After reviewing all the photos of this Lithuanian beauty, it was challenging to find the sexiest photos of Deimante Guobyte, but it was a pleasure looking. Most of the sexiest photos of Deimante Guobyte are of her in lingerie or a bikini, but there were some others on her Instagram page that stood out also. While these seven are our chosen best, you may find others sexier. We thought some of her sexiest was when she was at leisure, but we could not overlook some of her professional work. We seemed to agree with her that she looks best at the beach, which brings out her beauty, as well as how she is feeling at the time.



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