Top 7 Best Kissing Tips To Turn Your Woman On

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Kissing is always a very important aspect during love making. A kiss can either kill the mood or raise the mood. Doing it in the right way will not piss her off and the end results will be fruitful. The first kiss will pass a great deal message about you to the woman, it shows her how relaxed you are and how comfy your desires for her are. To do it even better, one needs to know some best kissing tips.

Always make sure you freshen up

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Bad breath is always the mood killer. It is the easiest way to ruin a good kiss. Bad breath will make her uncomfortable and she might end up pushing you away. Before things start getting so romantic and spicy, it is good that you freshen your breath with mint or even gum.

Learn her body language

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Before you make any step, observe her positioning, posture and mood. Is she leaning towards you, is she touching you frequently? If so, you have to answer back by maintaining an eye contact and touching her at areas that will make her heart beat even faster. These gesture are indicators that your kiss will arouse her.

Start slow

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Make it like a marathon, but not a sprint. It should start slow as it builds up as time goes by. Put your mind in the kiss as you feel the warmth of her lips onto yours. If she enjoys, she will lean into you as a passionate rhythm ensues.

Use your hands

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Use your hands to blend and increase the romantic feeling of the kiss. Move your hands gently pushing her hair behind her ear and also touch the back of her neck. Continue kissing her passionately as you do all this. This will make her lose herself into you as she gets really aroused.

Tame your tongue

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When the time comes to use your tongue, you should be extra careful as this can ruin everything. Ensure that the kiss is balanced with both of your tongues involved equally. Gently explore her tongue with yours as you also allow her to do the same thing to you.

Don’t drown her with saliva

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It will be so awful if you get nervous and start salivating. This will disgust her and turn her off. The solution for this is to always swallow the saliva before starting the kiss.

Go further and touch her sensitive areasbest kissing tips 7

As you kiss, your hands can gently roll down her body and touch her sensitive areas like areas between her thighs, the boobs and the nipples. This will increase the pleasure and you will see her increase her breathe, start mourning and she will want you more.

Those are the simple and basic best kissing tips that will turn your woman on. Being a good kisser will make your woman want you all the time and hence strengthening your relationship.




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