5 Female Body Parts Men Like To Explore The Most

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In today’s society, many women around the world sometimes feel insecure about their appearance, in plain words, their bodies. Nonetheless, they can’t imagine that in men world, their hair, eyes, lips, breasts and feet are five out of many strikingly appealing female body parts.

5 female body parts men find attractive the most


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According to a survey in the UK, out of 1000 men, up to 54% choosing black hair as the most “anti-personnel part”. A man easily pays attention to the first thing at the very first sight: Women’s hair. Males particularly like fondling female’s hair when being together. Some men love long and black hair while others prefer a short, sophisticated and blondes bob. Generally, this is the main part of female body which menfolk take heed to. Woman, hence, had better care for her hair and retains its fragrance in order to draw her partner closer.


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People seem to take it for granted that eyes are extremely attractive. Same hair color, same hairstyle are not the matter but her eyes. Only a glance can say everything, emotion, spirit or even charm for males. Breast, butt, albeit seductive, the eyes are exactly one of the best stunning part. In reality, we can ascertain somebody’s emotion through eye contact. Every time a woman feels blissful, she will show her bright eyes suddenly.


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Menfolk especially love looking at sexy lips of womankind. Definitely, sexy and fleshy lips of women will induce men to take a second glance at them. Each male probably likes each type of female lips, for example, some like thin lips, others show their preference for thick ones. Moreover, kissing on lips is quintessence of love. Therefore, when a man kisses on woman lips, he may feel each of her respiration, and the way he kisses her also says how much he loves her.


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Many people believe that breasts are one of the most attractive female body parts. This is the major reason why many ladies show their hunger for possessing developed breasts. The majority of males cannot take their eyes off this female part. Aside from lips, breasts are the most appealing part that a man desires to caress. So, it is understandable that all women spend time caring for it.


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Don’t suppose that males do not take notice of your feet. By comparison, he truly loves petting this part and even put his lips on it. Those beautiful toes with slim ankles are especially attractive and also, males will miss their lovers when he thinks of that part. Feet, notwithstanding not impressive one, man will hold an opinion that a woman in high-heeled boots will have more confidence when stepping together.

Although every woman has their particular appearance, those five above-mentioned female body parts are worth considering and missing by opposite sex. Possibly, a man will be of his own opinion but in general, once he loves someone, all of her body parts he will love and miss apparently.



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