Top 10 Facts about Shark you probably did not Know

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Sharks are one of three group’s cartilaginous fish, with more than 500 known species. They live mainly in the sea, but a few species also have periods in fresh water. Typical of sharks is that they lack a swim bladder but instead have other solutions for buoyancy. Among other things, they have a large oil-filled liver and a lightweight skeleton in the form of cartilage. Despite this fall, most sharks if they stop swimming, and shark that live where the water depth is large swimming because the whole time. Some shark species are also obliged to constantly swim in order to breathe; these are called obligate ramventilerare. More than 200 species of shark are totally benthic while more than 200 species live both on ground and in the open water and only 25 species living only in open water. To dive among different types of sharks is a popular phenomenon, and therefore we offer here at ten facts you should know!

Top 10 Facts about Shark you probably did not Know

01.  The average sharks has between 40-45 teeth and can have up to seven lines. A shark loses very easy one tooth, but they grow well out new as fast with the sharks. On average, a sharks through the approximately 30,000 teeth in its lifetime. Good thing they do not have dental expenses anyway!

Facts about Shark

02.  A shark is not a single bone in his body. Their skeleton comprises only cartilage.

03.  Approximately 30 people are killed annually in shark attacks worldwide. That means there is a greater risk of dying from a wasp sting, or that lightning would strike down the middle of your head. For every person who dies of a shark, die about two million sharks.

Facts about Shark

04.  Hammerhead shark  (see picture below) has been known for its hammer-like appearance of the face. When hammerhead sharks are born are their heads, however, any soft , precisely because they do not damage the mother’s birth canals for redemption.

05. On their 18 centimeters is dvärgkäxan the smallest shark we have in our seas. The opposite of the smallest is the whale shark , which can grow to 15 meters long and weigh the whole 1 800 kg  – and in some cases even more!

Facts about Shark

06. Researchers are studying shark cartilage as far on possible cures for cancer, because sharks rarely ever develop cancer.

07.  A little less known fact about sharks is that they have a great ear. Some sharks can hear their prey from up to a kilometer away.

Facts about Shark

08. Jaws is one of the few animals that survived dinosaur time, together with the crocodile with more. What is perhaps less known by us humans is that sharks already existed 200 million years before the dinosaurs, making it one of the oldest water-based species we have here on earth. Their change in appearance has also been minimal during all the years.

Facts about Shark

09.  Although it is fairly evenly divided between men and women when it comes to bathing and swimming in the sea, are the men for about 90% of all shark attacks directed against us humans.

10.  Shoes, chairs, boxes of nails, drum kits, full bottles of wine, and the back half of a horse are just a few of the many bizarre objects found in the stomachs of sharks over the years.



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