Reasons to Choose Android Phone over iPhone

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It’s a battle of giants since years: Android and Apple are constantly competing each other for new features. But currently, there are some points why Google’s system has one step ahead in the race. Today, we show you the most important reasons to choose an Android phone over an iPhone:

 Android Phone VS

Reasons to Choose an Android Device

In the first place when it comes up to the price Android devices are clear unbeatable compared to its rival. A starter model with Android system is already available for around $100. For Apple’s iPhone SE, which was also intended for beginners, you have to pay at least $399. Secondly, Android phones offer you a wider choice. For those who want to buy an Apple, iPhones are the only option but if you want an Android device you have the choice between Samsung, HTC, Huawei, OnePlus, LG, Motorola, etc…

The next main reason is that Androids do not need any special and complicated software to exchange and transfer data between smartphone and your computer. That means they are clearly more user-friendly than iPhones. But also in the matter of storage space there is another advantage. Most of the Android devices support microSD cards which allows you to add up to 128 GB more space for new pics, videos or songs!

Adroid Phone VS 2

Fifthly, most of the Android devices have removable batteries which is really convenient especially when your phone suddenly freezes. Just remove the battery for a second and restart it again. That’s it! Moreover, did you know that you can charge many Androids wirelessly? Yes, you can! Just How cool is that?

Android Phone vs. iPhone

What are you thinking after reading this article?  Of course, Android devices have their disadvantages but in our opinion the benefits definitely outweigh their drawbacks. So, what you are waiting for? Let’s buy an Android phone!




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