33 Absolutely Fascinating Facts About Sex You Never Knew

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#14 Women are more willing to commit adultery when they are ovulating. This loss of control can be their body’s way of telling them that they need to have their eggs fertilized… and fast.

#15 Guess what? Your grandparents may still be doing it, too. Apparently, one-third of women over the age of 80 continue to have sex with their husbands or boyfriends, as long as they are both in good health. You go, grandma!

#16 Studies show that lower cholesterol is directly related to better performance in the bedroom. So you better get your blood pumping.

#17 You may want to adopt pumpkin as your new favorite vegetable. While chocolate is a great aphrodisiac, studies show that the smell of pumpkin can help to increase blood flow to the penis, thereby promoting an erection.

#18 If you want to make sex your exercise of choice, you may have to do it more often. It turns out that women burn approximately 69 calories during sex, while men burn between 100 and 200 on average. Nevertheless, sex is fun, so get sexercising!

#19 If you want your sex life to blossom, you’d better give in to your sweet tooth. Low blood sugar can cause harm to your love life because it makes you irritable and less likely to want to have sex.

#20 Men under 40 have an average erection time of 10 seconds. That’s pretty fast, if you want to get it on for a quickie. Some can even get it up in less than 10. If it takes longer than 10, you may need to see a specialist because it can be a symptom of erectile dysfunction.

#21 If you think you can’t compete in any running sport, wait until you hear this. The initial spurt of your ejaculate travels at approximately 28 miles per hour. This is actually faster than the 100-meter dash record, which is only 22.9 miles per hour.

#22 Wondering where you can have a threesome? Consider going down under. Twenty-eight percent of Australians admit to having tried a threesome at least once.

#23 If you’re having sex once a day, then you are one of the lucky 5% of the population. Meanwhile, 20 percent have sex 3 to 4 times a week, while the rest of the population is unknown.

#24 If you want to please your man, consider sucking on his nipples, too. Men’s nipples can get erect when aroused and are just as sensitive as women’s. In fact, 60 percent of men who get aroused also have erect nipples.

#25 Only women have the ability to have a bedroom voice men swoon over and get hard for. Women can actually make their voice sound sexier, while men have to resort to other tactics.

#26 Ah, the clitoris is really a thing epics and songs should be written for. It is so sensitive that it has twice the nerve fibers contained in a penis. The 8,000 nerve fibers of the clitoris can help men cook up the perfect recipe for female orgasm.

#27 Feeling down and blue? Masturbate. Studies show that masturbation helps cure depression, because the release of emotions and hormones when an orgasm is reached helps relax the mind and make you comfortable with your body. It also releases chemicals that make you happy.

#28 When you are aroused and ready to have sex, you let your guard down. You are also far less likely to be grossed out or turned off by anything that may happen.

#29 Women can orgasm quickly when they masturbate. It will only take her 4 minutes of pleasuring herself to climax, while it will take between 10 and 20 minutes for you to make her come.



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