33 Absolutely Fascinating Facts About Sex You Never Knew

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#30 Reaching for a pain reliever? Try having an orgasm instead. Studies show that women who are prone to migraines are more likely to have more sex, because orgasms can actually help to alleviate the pain.

#31 Vibrators were actually invented to cure a 19th-century disease that was believed to plague women, called “hysteria.” Vibrators were used on women to help reduce their “crazy, inexplicable ways.” Well, whatever they were up to then, 21st-century women are definitely sending their thanks.

#32 Social media has even infiltrated our bedrooms! According to a recent study, 35 percent of people under 35 check their Facebook or Twitter right after sex. Talk about not being a cuddler!

#33 The male orgasm lasts only 6 seconds, while women’s orgasms last for 20 seconds. Women really have the last laugh—that is, if they did not fake their orgasm.

Sex is indeed a beautiful thing. It creates magic, mischief, and… babies! So go get at it and enjoy, and don’t be afraid to use these sex facts and boast about your new sexual knowledge to all your friends!



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