5 Reasons Why Kiss Messenger (Kissenger) Is A New God of Love.

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Image result for kissengerKiss messenger a.k.a Kissenger is the New god of love any day!

Wonder why?

Well, you can’t glue yourself to the love of your life every tiny second every day.

Kissenger kiss messenger

Reallity check!

You have to go your own ways. You have your own work, your own job, and your own commitments to fulfil and you can’t drag him along with you. And we almost forgot about those travelling tours your companies give you or what about long distance relationships? What about teenage romances when everyone around you makes sure that kissing in the public is a heinous crime! And hell your parents won’t even dream of allowing you to go kiss whom you think might be your soul mate.


But kisses do happen. Either through emojis or those “Long sloppy sounding Muahhhsss” on phones or the flying kisses on Skype or well just texting each other on social networking sites how a kiss is so needed by you and then the planning as to when and where you and they might sneak a chance to steal one start!

And every once in a while technology ensures that these needs get met by creating another gadget that tries to add a human touch to bare, cold metal (In this case a silicon pad).


The Kissenger promises to replicate your kiss to the paired device no matter how far your lover might be.Here are some reasons why this might be the cupid of our future.




We all hate to see almost everyone around us kissing their other half while you calm yourself by promises of future when “they” might come and sweep us off our feet for the time they had lost with us being in some other part of the world.


We hate hearing their kisses on the phone which seem so dull and lifeless and those skype talks when all you can concentrate on is their lips for a much-wanted kiss.


We all admit the urge for kissing is pretty urgent when we are in a long distance relationship. And admit it! None of us wants to cheat our partner!


That’s where the Kissenger lands down from the heavens above with a halo above his head promising to save your relationship from destruction and infertility (If you know what I mean!).



Well S!xting isn’t new to us!And that kind of texting brings with it, it’s own requirements. Not always does virtual seduction get the best out of you and when you need it! You freaking need it. Right then and there, in any possible way.


And technology can’t help but amaze us by tending to our needs in the weirdest ways possible but this large phone dock with a silicone pad in front which registers the pressure of your lover’s kiss and gives you the exact sensation of the much-needed touch from them and well its better than those n*de selfies and those provoking texts which just make the desire worse than before.


You remember planning how you’d pass time in the class while everyone else went by just to have those 30 seconds extra with “them” so that you could steal a kiss before a classmate or a snoopy teacher popped their head into the class and made a whole drama out of the whole situation?


Well, that’s how miserable and tough loving someone is during those teenage years! When your hormones rage furiously for every possible physical touch and the whole world stands against you and your requirements this bad.



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