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Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, there have a number of reasons to jailbreak iOS.

Even though Apple has added features to iOS such as copy and paste, Custom Wallpaper, multitasking, Notification Center, FaceTime over cellular etc, that were only possible if you had jailbroken your iOS device, the jailbreak community has continued to release some amazing tweaks and apps that still make it quite compelling to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Apple released iOS 7 few days back, which includes a number of features such asControl Center, improved app switcher, Dynamic Wallpapers, ability to block calls and messages, live clock etc, that many would say were inspired by jailbreak apps and tweaks.

So while we eagerly wait for the evad3rs team to release a jailbreak for iOS 7, we take a look at the reasons to jailbreak Apple’s new mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

How to Jailbreak

Just follow these steps to jailbreak your iDevice, or watch the video above for a demonstration.

  1. Back up your iOS device. Head to Settings > iCloud > Backup and select “Back Up Now”
  2. Disable the passcode on your device. Head to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and disable the passcode if you’re using one
  3. Enable Airplane Mode: swipe up on your screen to open Control Center and tap the airplane icon
  4. Download Pangu 1.1 here. This is your jailbreak tool. You’ll also need iTunes 12, so if you don’t have that, install it now.
  5. Open the Pangu tool once it downloads (Right-click to run as Administrator on Windows).
  6. Plug in your iOS device.
  7. When your device is recognized by Pangu, select the “Start Jailbreak” option.
  8. Click “Already Did”.
  9. Wait for the tool to run. When it’s complete, your iPhone will reboot. You can close Pangu now.
  10. Tap the Cydia icon to prepare the file system. That’s it



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