7 Hottest Pics Of Model Julia Evans.

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There is no doubt that Julia Evans is one of the hottest models today. Standing tall at 5 feet and 5 inches, she is a beautiful goddess on the camera as she is off the big lenses. The following pictures of her are actually a proof of that. Continue scrolling to get a glimpse of her best bikini moments, and then get to know the really adorable her and how fun she is.

Julia Evans’s desire to enter the fashion industry

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Julia Evans was born in Canada but grew up in Grenada, an island in the Caribbean. She wanted to be a model since she was about 10 years old. The desire to enter the fashion industry started at a beach in Grenadain 2007. She was swimming when a model named Yamila, who was having the 2007 Sports Illustrated (SI) Swimsuit shoot saw and brought her to the set.

Julia Evans vying to be the next SI swimsuit model

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The 27-year-old stunner appeared on SI Swimsuit 2017 casting call, and she said it was a dream coming true for her. Alongside with other gorgeous ladies, Julia Evans is vying to be the next SI swimsuit model. The competition is tough, but she is not backing down. And it won’t be far from happening with a portfolio as good as hers so far.

Julia Evans signed with ONE Management in New York

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She is currently signed with ONE Management in New York, Factor Chosen in Los Angeles, MP Mega in Miami, and Elite Model Management in Toronto. Although her roots are from both north and south of America, she says she is currently living between London and New York City. It seems she is slowly moving away from her showbiz career in Malaysia so far.

Julia Evans casting on TV series, films and shows

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From 2001 to present, Julia has been casted back and forth on TV series, shows and films in Malaysia. She hosted several Malaysian TV shows as well like E-Zone (Astro Ria) in 2001-2002, Majalah Moral (TVIQ) in 2004, Bintang Kecil Raya (TV9) in 2006, Remaja (TV3) in 2008, Gadis Melayu (TV9) in 2009, and Era TV (Astro Ria) in 2010. Back in 2008, she appeared on her first movie “Kami The Movie”. After then, she appeared on eight other films.

Her Instagram attracting thousands of followers

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Julia Evans has an Instagram account that hoards lots of her sun-kissed selfies. The lovely model seems to be hooked to beautiful beach paradises with palm trees and sweet orange juices. She also loves movies and watches loads of films when she is not traveling. She is worthy to be followed on Instagram, and she deserves to pass that 10K mark (followers).

What would Julia become if she were not a model?

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When asked what she would be if she hadn’t become a model, she answered she would get a career in hospitality management. She might also consider getting a career in culinary arts as an alternative. Both would definitely a fit for her as she loves food and has a rare charisma of handling other people.

Julia Evans: A strong, smart and very resilient model

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She believes that some people have the biggest misconception about models in the fashion industry. Some think models are shallow, but Julia believes girls in the fashion business are strong and intelligent contenders who don’t give up easily. And she has been a living proof of that statement.



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