What is entrepreneurship?

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The concept of entrepreneurship was first established in the 1700s, and the meaning has evolved ever since. Many writers propounded the definition of entrepreneurship in recent year in different ways .The economist Joseph Schumpeter focused on how the  Entrepreneur drive for innovation and improvement creates upheaval and change. Schumpeter viewed entrepreneurship as a force of “creative destruction”. The entrepreneur carries out new combination.  Thereby helping render old industries obsolete . Established ways of doing business are destroyed by the creation of new better ways to do them .

Another suitable theory of entrepreneur is given by Peter Drucker according to him “The entrepreneur as some-one who actually search for changes, respond to it and exploits change as an opportunity.In simple way we can say that the entrepreneur is the person who search new and innovative idea and invest  own capatal and take a moderate risk  for business growth or build up new organization and process of an entrepreneur to build up new firm or organization called entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship can play as a catalyst to achieve economic and social development objectives, including growth. Some  successfull entrepreneur at very young age are Catherine cook(20yrs), Mark Zuckerberg (26yrs), Gurbaksh Chahal .These people  were common man and  because of their own innovative ideas  and skills  they emerged as a successful leader around the world .

For improving  the skill of an entrepreneur there is a many program are running across the world such as EET entrepreneurship education training ,  EDP entrepreneurship development  program and many .





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