Enable developer option in android phones

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User guide for – how you can enable developer options.

Developer option is used to root your phone. If you want to root and install custom ROM. Then, for this purpose you have to enable the developer option in your device. Normally this option is hidden away from the average users of the phone. But you can get this option easily through following some guidelines.


For getting developer option first step is to find the build number of your device in settings. This option may be under under settings section. But for some different devices you have to tap different option to reach build number. This option simply see in the about phone. After tap on this section you can see there a system information or directly the build number option. If you see the system information option then tap on it and find the build number under it.

After find the build number tap on this section for 7 times. When you will tap for 2 times, there will be a pop-up notification appeared which will tell you that your N number of steps away from being a developer. After taping for N times , you will get the developer option in settings menu.




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