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      Formulate a study plan. Before you start preparing for the examination, you should formulate a plan. First, collect all the details of the exam including syllabus details, schedule and other details. Prepare a plan such that you can cover the whole syllabus at least one month before the exam. Leave the last month for revision and mock tests.

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      Find the resources. In the next step, you can collect the resources for your study. You can purchase books or can download e-books for your exam. You can also collect notes or guides from local coaching centers.

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    Start with the basics. Competitive exams usually consist very basic and fundamental questions of maths. If you are not good in that, you should start working on your basic maths with the help of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th class maths books.

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    Stay updated. You should be up to date current affairs and the like, at the national, as well as international level. Read newspapers, general knowledge books and magazines regularly. Most of the competitive exams include a paper of general awareness.

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    Set goals and accomplish them. Make short term goals for your study plan and try to complete it within the given time. Try to finish a chapter before the time.

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    Join a coaching institute. Not everyone is capable of doing it by themselves. If you are not, go out and join a coaching institute. Even if you are studying in a coaching institute, you must have a plan for personal study




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