What Should I Wear?

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If you are going to a wedding or party, the most common question raised in our mind what to wear? And we start searching for what is best outfit for me. We ought to wear something special .Even though it is obvious, we do have doubts about what to exactly wear on this occasion. If you are worrying about this we are introducing some tips which help you choosing dress according to different occasion likes birthday party, marriage party, Office party, Club party etc.

  • Blue or white shirts with dark jeans and black blazer with tie.
  • Shirt other than blue or white, whatever color suits your personal style. It should be unbuttoned under the neck. Accordingly, you could wear jeans and black shoes.
  • White shirt and dark checked trousers.
  • Dark grey striped casual t-shirt, light grey or creamy jacket, jeans and dark shoes. Collar of jacket should be straight. Add an elegant watch.
  • Colorful, loose-fitting casual shirt. The trousers could be also loose-fitting. Pair with a baseball cap for a more casual look.
  • Elegant suit with proper shirt and tie. You should wear the classic suit in a shade of grey or navy blue. Additionally, you ought to wear a well-matched smooth or striped shirt. The shirt should not be too shiny and bright. The rest of the accessories, like cuff-links and tie depend on the color of shirt.
  • Black, elegant shirt with cuff-links, grey trousers with black belt and black shoes.
  • Blue shirt and dark jeans. Accordingly, wear black shoes.
  • “Freestyle,” it is your own style. Stay true to your personality and ensure you will be comfortable in this outfit.

These are some common tips for dressing ourselves. I hope you would like this for any queries please leave your comments.



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