32 Awesome Sleepover Ideas for a Fun Night with Friends

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Sleepover Ideas

Slumber parties are a fun way to bond with your friends. Plan the best night with your friends with these 32 sleepover ideas.

Get the girls together for a fun slumber party! A sleepover is a great way for you to spend quality time together, get to know each other better, have girly time, pamper and indulge, share secrets, and, most importantly, talk about guys! If you are thinking of hosting a slumber party, then having some great sleepover ideas up your sleeve will make it a really special evening. One you all will remember forever.

Ingredients for a good slumber party

So, what are the main ingredients that make for a good slumber party? There are several things to consider. Let’s break it down into helpful categories. By the time you finish reading, you’ll have all the ingredients you need to create a super fun slumber party!

#1 Invitations to your slumber party. Okay, so you could just simply ask your friends to come around for a slumber party. However, if you want to give the evening an air of formality and excitement, why not send out invitations to each friend you want to invite?

Sweet ideas for invitations include a picture of their face on it or a cute photo of the two of you together. Pictures of sleeping bags, pajamas, or fluffy slippers also work well.

Make sure you send your invitations out in good time and be sure to include crucial details such as the time and date, your address, what to wear, and what to bring. Also include the time when it will finish the next day. If that’s something important to you *or your parents!*.

Get as creative as you like with your invitations. Use colorful cards, or create little ‘pillows’ using foam and felt.

If you don’t want to go to too much trouble, a fun text to everyone, or setting up a WhatsApp group so you can all discuss it and get excited about it works just as well. [Read: 19 ways to genuinely connect with others and have fun doing it]

#2 Activities for your slumber party. It’s a good idea to have loads of great activities lined up for your slumber party. You will no doubt want plenty of time to chat and relax, but having a list of fun activities ensures all the ladies are entertained throughout the evening.

#3 Board games. Kick back with some silly, classic board games that all your friends can enjoy.

#4 Movies. Rent some movies you’ve all been dying to see, get your pajamas on, duvets out, then simply relax. [Read: 20 movies that will make you cry]

#5 Story time. Everyone likes a good bedtime story. Why not take it in turns to read chapters from a book you all love? Or, if you are feeling creative you could all take it in turns to make up a story and tell it to the rest of your group.

If you want your slumber party to be more of a sophisticated soiree, add a touch of class and elegance by arranging a ‘spa zone’ where girls can really pamper and indulge.

#6 Face masks. Everyone can together wear a face mask. Buy a variety of types for different skin types.

#7 Array of nail polishes. Different, dramatic, and classic polish colors for you to experiment with.

#8 Have a makeup station. Practice different makeup techniques on each other.

Of course, it’s not all about rest and relaxation, if you want to ramp up the energy *and the fun* here are some other classic slumber party ideas. [Read: Girls night in – Amazing ideas for a fun night together]



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