Why create schools with no structures or teachers?

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There are many villages in Cameroon without any primary school to serve the population. Responding to the needs of the population of a given area at times, the government creates primary schools in some localities with no accommodating structures or teachers. This to me is very disappointing because the government is capable of recruiting qualified teachers and setting up the appropriate structures to accommodate both pupils and teachers.

If there are not even class rooms to begin with, don’t even think about a library, rest rooms, canteens or ICT labs .What I do know of is the existing misallocation of public investment budgets at the detriment of education which is one of the golden ways out of poverty. If the government builds three class rooms in these areas, there is going to be one teacher for primary classes 1 to 6 with no salary, no motivation, no advancements and overwhelming hours of teaching. In this case the few devoted teachers who make it to these areas are forced to use their personal resources for their upkeep and maybe for the school which will never be compensated. After some teachers are recruited, they resume duty but it will take another 3 to 5 years before their salaries go through. This condition makes many teachers not to assume duty when posted and this is a cause for alarm because, I can just imagine the other interior villages which I didn’t have the chance to visit.

The truth is Cameroon is a richly blessed country with plenty of natural resources that can be used to serve its citizens and make the country one of the best in Africa – one issue they need to invest more is the primary education sector .Three words… motivate teachers, improve their working conditions and build schools with appropriate structures that can serve five villages and construct staff quarters for teachers in the suburbs.



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