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Technology has helped to shape the world positively in so many ways, one of which is communication.

Since the advancement of science and technology especially in this 21st century, communication has gotten better and the gap which had existed for years has been bridged.

Individuals rarely subscribe to post offices or mail bags to send letters to their acquaintances and family members since the introduction of electronic mailing (email web messaging). This has aided the sharing and transfer of multimedia (texts/mails, graphics and sound) files.

With the evolution of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Fotki, Google+, Instagram, Myspace, Netlog, Tumblr, etc, it has been absolutely easy for teens and adults alike to connect with their families, peers, colleagues and even strangers.

Not only do these social media platforms give them a chance to connect, it also serves as a means of disseminating information and sharing multimedia instantly to and from any part of the world in a matter of seconds.

It is rather too appalling that the internet which has made life easy and made education better has been usurped by groups of extremists all over the world as an effective tool for brainwashing and ultimate indoctrination of innocent and naïve children and teenagers globally.

It is so unfortunate that in this jet-age when evil is alarmingly increasing, parents and guardians have gotten so engrossed with their businesses, neglecting their wards, caring less about what they do in their absence, especially on the cyberspace.

Despite the fact that these computers, laptops, tablets or handheld devices have parental control options which helps to limit how much computer time children or teens have, as well as which limit the audience and access they have to programs and softwares that have the likelihood of instilling violence in them, most parents rarely utilize these functions and this negligence is the reason their wards get easily brainwashed and even indoctrinated realtime online.

It is very easy to lure a child or teenager through the internet. This is so because the exuberance of joining the global village beclouds their sense of judgement and reasoning, thus making them open and loose to anyone they meet online.

These extremists who are on a daily quest for gullible youths and children to deceive, brainwash and indoctrinate into radicalization, find it so easy to get in touch with their prey. This could start with a friend request on Facebook.

A greater percentage of children globally know about the social platform called ‘Facebook’. They won’t hesitate to accept friend requests from strangers because they are trying to socialize. When they accept these friend requests, they are engaged into chats and invited to like pages and watch videos of execution or radical trainings via youtube or any other platform that allows online streaming. Gradually, these children or teenagers get to have all sorts of vices and instinct of violence activated in them. They would want to belong because these extremists fund their new recruits with huge amount of money. The busy parent would never get to know the extent at which the child has gone beserk and the ideology of such teens or children automatically changes. Moral values give way for base and criminal tendencies and before one could say ‘ Jack Robinson’, they are set to practice what they have been shown and taught online under the very roof of their parents.

Internet has its advantages but we should not let it mar the future of our youths and children. There are very many good stuff we could utilize the internet for, which includes : Online Marketing/Trading, e-learning, Cloud Services, News and Research.



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