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Stop Extremism

Stop Extremism

Religion is a form of organized belief or ideology that guides a group of people. Religion is as old as history itself.

There are so many religions recognized world over, which include: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and the Chinese Folk Religion. There are many others but these are the largest religious groups in the world today.

Religion is supposed to be practised without any form of interference because we are free moral agents, thus entitled to our individual choices.

Freedom of religion is our fundamental human right and when everyone sees it from this perspective, it would definitely forestall all forms of civil unrest and chaos.

However, a group of extremists are making this trend impossible.

They are the Jihadists or Anti-semites who apparently use the name of Islam to perpetrate evil. Call them ISIS, ISIL, BOKOHARAM, AQIP or ALQAEDA and so on.

It is true terrorism has no religion, race or nationality, but these radicalized extremists are almost about to succeed bridging Islamic Religion and Radicalism. They have their motivations with which they are able to brainwash gullible youths and children into recruitment as well as justify their violent acts.

These extremists fight against western education, Jews as well as the christians.

These acts of terrorism and ruthless killings is the reason behind the security challenge the entire world is facing today.

There is no doubt that Islam preaches peace but the fact that these radical extremists are Muslims makes it seem like terrorism has been incorporated into Islam.

Ironically, a majority of the Muslim clerics all over the world call out the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks all over the world whenever these extremists hit their targets, showing that they do not support these attacks.

It has become imperative that the chief Muslim clerics across the world need to come together and reach a consensus to find a permanent solution to this barbarism.

The latest attack on Charlie Hebdo Magazine journalists and cartoonists is such that shook the entire world.

Some cartoonists expressed themselves graphically and they had a hit from the Al-qaeda-inspired Jihadist brothers. The attack which claimed the lives of 12 employees and left 11 others injured included cartoonists and other journalists.

This is an act of suppression to the freedom of speech and expression as well as the liberty of individual citizens and the press. This should not be obtainable in a democratic society as well as anywhere else because the individual fundamental human right includes freedom of speech and expression.

This right no doubt has been derided and profaned.

Religion and Radicalism are two parallels. Terrorism by radical extremists is trying to bridge the gap between the Islamic religion and radicalism, thus making it appear like an Islamic norm.

The Muslim clerics all over the world should strike a concord and seek a long-lasting solution to this, else the notion across the globe would be that Islam supports terrorism.

I have encountered Muslim friends who are very positive about life and generous to the core, loving peace and too sociable. When you meet such people and compare their lives with that of these extremists, there’s an incontrovertible difference and a wide gap.

When these indocile sects are dissociated from Islam, the peace, unity and tolerance we seek in the world today would be at our disposal.

Let us put our differences aside and love one another, to make this world habitable.

Imagine a world where all religious sects love, protect and tolerate each other; how happy it would be.



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