Saving the environment starts with you

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When we talk about environment, we may think that it is normative word that we have always heard. Many environment-related campaigns are everywhere most of the days. In the first place, I was that person who thought so, when I did not know anything about this earth. I did hear about global warming, but I had never understood  the true meaning of it.

That is until I grew up here, in South Jakarta. Ten years ago, I lived in Central Jakarta that was known as dense region in the Jakarta area. I didn’t stay there f    or a long period of time, only 9 years. When I sat in 4th grade, first semester, my parents decided to move us in to South Jakarta. Their reasons are varied such as first, they deemed Central Jakarta was not friendly and secured place to live in anymore. Second of all, the working of mass transportation near our house was quietly disturbing and endangering us to cross the street to reach schools. Last, the flood could always hit us a  nytime it wanted to. Courtesy of MIT News Office.<br /><br />
Trees are cut down every day for profit purposes without considering the impacts.

Courtesy of MIT News Office. Trees are cut down every day for profit purposes without considering the impacts.


My parents then choose South Jakarta as a new place for us to move in. Reasons are always behind everything that happens. Parents told us that it was a fresh, secure, and friendly place. The mood in that area was so rustic, cozy, and peaceful. Trees were everywhere. There were still a lot of vacant lands that hadn’t been occupied. It was the highest land of all in the region in Jakarta which explains why the flood rarely hit it every year.

I still remember, next to my house, there was still a vacant land with lush trees surrounding it. The atmosphere was pretty much like living in a village, where people seemed to never have had been there before.

But everything now changes. I know that people and the earth keep on changing. But I truly disagree with the change. My neighborhood now changes drastically and ironically. This place used to be adorable. Now, everything turns to be so much different. Trees are cut down, it starts to be warmer than it used to be, my neighborhood starts turning into “a shanty town”. I do not understand what is on my people’s mind until they cut down trees. They always give me excuse on what they do. They said it stresses them every time the leaves fall off in summer; they need to gain income which is why they let people occupy their land and cut down the trees. This is genuinely suffocating.

Unorganized building is now everywhere. The green places are now cemented or paved. The big avocado trees in front of my house are now gone, vanished, cut down by irresponsible people. They must have known about climate change and they know that it happens because of what they do, but I have no idea they keep on doing so. I see a lot of ironic difference and change in my environment. My environment is now not neat and clean anymore.

As a youth and student, I know exactly that what they have done to the environment is very wrong. If only I could have the bravery to tell them, or protest what they do.

But I can’t. People in my neighborhood are so hard to tell. If I force myself to do this, I will trigger an animosity between me and my neighbors. It will infuriate them. They will say if I don’t support what they do, I don’t uphold the human rights. I have to let them do whatever they want to their lands and trees. But in this case, it is not related at all with environment, is it? It makes me sick to see everything becoming so unorganized, the trees existence is now gone. They built stores everywhere they want to without having any plan first.



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