Landforms of the Northeast

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The Northeast United States is an interesting place to travel and visit. It offers the hustle and bustle of large cities, such as New York, Boston and Philadelphia, as well as amazing natural landforms surrounded by pristine wilderness. Some of these include the Appalachian Mountains, Catskill Mountains, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Thus, many people love to road trip through the Northeast.

Brooklyn Bridge, NY.

Brooklyn Bridge, NY. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Appalachian MountainsThe Appalachian Mountains stretch almost 1500 miles and are a major part of the topography of eastern North America. They are relatively low mountains, with Mount Mitchell, the highest peak, reaching approximately 6684 feet. The Appalachians are covered in thick forest and are home to a wide variety of wildlife. That is why many people enjoy hiking the Appalachian Trail, which runs 2000 miles from Georgia to Maine. This path also happens to be the world’s first and most famous long distance footpath.

Appalachian Mountains.

Appalachian Mountains. (jdwfoto/iStock/Getty Images)

Catskill MountainsThe Catskill Mountains are located in the southern part of New York state and contain 287,514 acres of pristine wilderness. The mountains officially became a state park on April 5, 1904 and are now protected by the New York Legislature. In addition to a thick forest and a variety of other wildlife, the Catskill Mountains are home to over 2,000 black bears.

Catskill Mountains.

Catskill Mountains. (Denis Jr. Tangney/iStock/Getty Images)

Lake ErieLake Erie is the eleventh largest lake in the world, and the fourth largest Great Lake by surface area. The lake runs 241 miles and has an average depth of 62 feet. The majority of Lake Erie’s water inflow comes from Lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron, via the Detroit River. In addition to being a major landform, the water from Lake Erie supports industrial development along its shoreline. Lake Erie is also the most biologically active of the five Great Lakes.

Lake Erie.

Lake Erie. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Lake OntarioLake Ontario is similar to Lake Erie but boasts a few different attributes. For example, Lake Ontario has a greater average depth, at 283 feet, and almost four times the volume of Lake Erie. In addition, the shoreline of Lake Ontario is more urban, spotted with cities such as Hamilton and Toronto. Thus, Lake Ontario is a popular tourist destination for visitors of these metropolitan areas.

Lake Ontario.



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