Hide Last Seen Option in Facebook Chat

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The Facebook last seen option is really annoying and may cause ending of many relations due to different miss-conceptions, that why your loved one is not replying after seeing your messages. Therefore, there are many people who want to hide last seen option in Facebook Chat.

That is the reason we are sharing this simple solution for you guys which you could apply to learn that, “How to Hide Last Seen Option in Facebook Chat?” So, whenever anybody will message you and you’ve read it then it will not send a seen notification to the senders. It’ll look like a message has not been read yet.

How to Hide Last Seen Option in Facebook Chat

So, here are the steps which you are supposed to follow to disable last seen option in your Facebook Chat. Actually, we are going to use a Google Chrome’s and Mozilla Firefox’s extension which will help you to hide Last Seen option in your Facebook Chat box. It is simple to get this extensions for yourself. We are using these extensions as Facebook has not provided an authentic or official way to disable this last seen option in Facebook Chat.

For Google Chrome

  • First of all, Go to “https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-unseen/iicapmagmhahddefgokbabbgieiogjop?hl=en” to get Facebook Unseen Extension for you Google Chrome Browser
  • Ones you have clicked on the link, you will have a new window and from there, you need to Click on Add Extension
  • Then this extension will be added to your Chrome and will be enabled automatically
  • This was it!

For Mozilla Firefox

  • First you need to get Grease Monkey. It is an Addon of Firefox.
  • Then you have to install Facebook Stealth.
  • This was it!

This was about hiding Last Seen Option in Facebook chat. I am sure now you can easily Hide Last Seen Option in Facebook Chat or messages. However, if you still have any kind of confusions or questions left related to this query then do share your questions using comment box. We shall get back to your queries as soon as possible.



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