Samsung Galaxy s5 Selective Focus

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What is Galaxy S5 Selective Focus?

Galaxy S5 Selective Focus allows you to focus on what’s important by blurring the background and accentuating the main subject in defined detail.
Essentially, Galaxy S5 selective focus lets you choose to focus on the foreground, background, or focus evenly across the image.
That’s it. And it is pretty cool.

For example, check the photo below. In the past, you have to rely on DSLR cameras or photoshop to get the similar photo. With selective focus, Galaxy S5 can easy take such pictures.galaxy_s5_selective_focus

How to use S5 Selective Focus?

By default, Galaxy S5 Camera app has two shortcuts added in the left side. The first one is selective focus. The other one is HDR. you have to choose selective focus .

How to change selective focus?
Once the photo is taken with Galaxy S5 selective focus, it is saved in your Galaxy S5 and you can view it as normal photos.

But you can do more with photos taken using selective focus: you can change the focus as you want in the gallery and save it as a new photo.

In other words, Galaxy S5 selective focus allows you to change your mind by changing the focus on the original photo. You have 3 options for the focus: near focus, far focus, and pan focus as showing below.galaxy-s5-selective-focus-change-focus

There are three options currently:

near focus
far focus
pan focus
You may find the differences of these 3 focus modes easily as shown below.
There are some features that does not work with selective focus. These include:

*burst shots
*HDR (rich tone)
*picture stabilization
*face detection
*manual ISO
*photo effects
*manual white balance
*remote viewfinder
*front camera



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