How to Schedule and Send Email

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For all those guys who want to send Email in Future or want to schedule email on Gmail service then this guide is going to work for you for sure. We are going to make you learn today that, “How to Schedule or Send Email in Future on Gmail?”

Boomerang for Gmail

It is a firefox and chrome plugin that allows you to take complete control over when you send or receive email messages in your Gmail account.

Once enabled, you can use Gmail just the way you normally do, but with more control over how and when you send your emails. There are a few very simple steps to enable Boomerang feature in your gmail account.

  • Open your Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and visit the boomerang website.
  • Click on the Install Boomerang button and you can see a Google chrome notification.
  • Simply follow the instructions that you see on your screen like the following.
  • Now just click on Next
  • Once you have completed the installation process, the next time you log in to your gmail account, the Boomerang feature would be enabled. Boomerang is extremely easy to use.
  • You can proceed to compose an email as you always do. Just below the send button, you will see the send later button that can be used to boomerang the email and send it at a predefined time and date.
  • Boomerang allows you a range of time and date options to choose from-you could delay the email by anywhere between an hour to a few months. You could also choose a specific time and date in the future. This can be done by simply clicking on Schedule Recurring Message option after clicking on the send later button.

We are sure that this would have been proven helpful for many of the users out there. Your queries and questions would be welcomed here.




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