Love Is Love – Tea Hodaj, a young filmmaker

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nterview with Tea Hodaj, a young filmmaker from Albania.

What is your video about?

My video is about love. Since we all have a different concept of love, but we all manifest it somehow in the same way, I want to show a “different” kind of love and its compliance with the massive concept. My video is about the non heterosexual relationships.

Why do you think global audiences need to see your film?

Audiences should see my film because they need to understand that “love is love”, meaning that the non heterosexual relationship functions in the same way as the cisrelationship and so the partners feel and experience this “love”, in the same way as cispartners.

What was the most memorable moment from the film making process?

The most memorable moment from the film making process is the videomaking. It was strange and unusual for the participants to consider themselves as partners for one minute. But, I appreciate their commitment and although not all of them were pro LGBT rights, they took part and somehow changed.

Why do you think it is important for young people to produce videos and other multimedia products?

It is really important for young people to do this because its an impressive way of showing something . It collocates the power of speech and the inerrancy of a view/image at the same time.

What role do you think youth media makers can play in teaching children about their rights?

As I said, film-making Is a strong tool in showing or teaching. It is easier for children to learn by listening or viewing, rather than reading. Plus, its more attractive.



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