Steps to Work in tally

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  1. Always use for accept, yes = pressing of enter button of keyboard.
    Always use for back from current work, reject means not accept or not = pressing of Esc button of keyboard.
  2. It is better for you to create ledger in voucher entry level. For this you have just to press Alt + C
  3. Every time if you forget to make the ledger creations of inventory, you have to just press Alt+ C for creating ledger in voucher entry mode. With this you can create voucher type of inventory and measurement of unit.
  4. If you are working more than one company . First select some active company then press F3 in gateway for choosing one the of your selected companies in which you want to pass the voucher entry. If you do not need to activate some company , you can just shut down the company . It means you are not working this company but this is not delete .
  5. If you have done any mistake in tally and you have to rectify that mistake .It is very easy for you . You have just go to alter mode in case of mistake of ledger . If you have done wrong voucher entry . You will go to display from gate way of tally then you have click day book, then you have go to voucher entry . Here you have change voucher entry after this you must have to save this voucher entry . It is very useful tool for chartered accountant for using this for rectifications of error and mistakes.
  6. Never change your period in the form of creation of company but if you are going to next financial year. You have just change the financial year in period option .
  7. Learn short cut command of tally for this click short cut commands.
  8. For doing work fastly on the tally, you have just remember your voucher type . It may receipt, payment, contra, journal, purchase and sale.
  9. If you wasting your time for confusing selecting the voucher type, then you have just select journal voucher.
  10. My some student when use tally forget making setting of tally . But must change the setting of tally 7.2 by yes or no option in feature 11 and configuration button of F12



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