What makes India ‘INCREDIBLE’

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Here’s what all makes India one of the most preferred and frequented destinations by foreign tourists.

* Diversity demand: With tourism sector seeing growth, the most popular forms of tourism in our country are cultural and historical monument tours, followed by ever increasing wildlife and birding tours.


* Un, Dos, Tres: In India the most visited tourist destination is the historical monument of Taj Mahal, this is followed by Khajuraho Temples and forts and palaces of Rajasthan.


* Medical boom: Medical tourism is growing exponentially in India due to state-of-art medical facilities, expert doctors and low cost of treatment in developing nations.


* Culture curry: The southern state of Kerala tops in cultural tours especially for home stays, Ayurvedic health massage, backwater tours and beach resort tourism


* Temple trail: Blessed with a large number of religious destinations, India also tops the list of spiritual destinations for Hindus and Buddhists. 


* Beach side story: Beaches across the world might be getting popular, but the love for the Goa beaches and shacks is growing among international tourists. 

* Go bird watching: Wildlife tourism and Birding are growing sectors in tourism industry, and India’s extremely diverse topography offer the unexpected to the tourists 

* Gaining ground: Of every thousand foreign tourists visiting India, eight tourists especially come to the northeast region.



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