5 Reasons to Wear Wrist Watch

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1. Jewelry 

As a piece of jewelry. For a man in particular, the range of jewelry is limited. A good  wristwatch is a handsome object, and can be used to demonstrate your fashion  style.

2. Emotional attachment: Watches could be attached with someones  emotions, as it accompanies its wearer in good times and bad. Not only are they physically with you, but actually present when indicating the most precious good we have. As gifts received from our near and dear ones, watches can mark some special memories or event in life such as  anniversaries, weddings or professional achievements .

3. Statement: As a statement that says “I do not use  a cellphone to determine the time as do college students and young professionals. Instead I believe time is important enough to justify a unique device to measure and manage it.

4.It’s rude to check your phone all the time.

Chefs at restaurants hate it, brides hate it and your mother definitely hates it. Peeking at your phone in the middle of something important, whether it be a date, a wedding or an interview, is often bad form. A watch makes it much easier to check the time on the sly.

5.Profession-Someone in the  business might well wear a diving style watch, an athlete an event-timing watch, and an astronomer a watch that shows astronomical data like lunar phases. A physician might choose a watch with a sweep second hand to take the pulse of a someone when called upon to do so, say, when you are at the opera and have no medical equipment at hand.



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