How To Root Xiaomi Redmi Note (3G/4G)

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Tutorial To Root Xiaomi Redmi Note (3G/4G):

1) To get started, download Redmi Note rooting kit, rename the file name to and save it in your computer. Once done, connect your device with the computer using the original USB data cable and transfer the rooting kit to the SD card.

2) Next, disconnect your device from the computer. Once done, go to “Tools -> Updater -> Select Update Package” and point to the file in your SD card to start the flashing process. It will get completed within a minute or two.

3) Now, you can go “Security -> Permissions” and tap on the “Root Permission” button to enable root privileges.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished rooting your Xiaomi Redmi Note Phablet. If you would like to know how to unroot your device, follow the tutorial given below.

Tutorial To UnRoot Xiaomi Redmi Note (3G/4G):

To unroot your device, you have to follow the same exact procedure as given above in the rooting tutorial, but instead of using the Redmi Note rooting kit, you have to use theRedmi note unrooting kit.

That’s it. Now you have successfully unrooted your device. If you face any challenges while following this rooting and unrooting tutorial, do let me know using the comments section below.



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