How To Get Success, 6 Thing You Can Learn from Virat Kohli

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Hardly, there will be a cricket fan who don;t know the name of Virat Kohli. Kohli is currently leading Indian cricket team in all formats. He started his career in 2008 against Sri Lanka. He is also leading Royal challengers Bangalore in IPL. Here is a list of few things about Kohli from which can get inspiration .
(1) How to lead a team:
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  As the way Virat leads his team shows that he is a good leader. He gives equal importance to each player of the team.
(2) How to handle pressure: 
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 While chasing a big score, how to handle pressure and how to give your 100 percent in pressure, these are the things you can learn from Virat Kohli.

(3) Hunger to perform:

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 You can always see aggression on his face and it seems he is hungry to make runs and perform well in every match, be it is fielding or batting.

(4)  Take care of your fitness:

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Kohli always takes care of his fitness. He always maintains a healthy diet. so fitness is the key of his success.

(5) take up challenges:

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Kohli has the ability to play at any stage. He takes himself first according to situation.

(6) Improve every day:

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Kohli’s batting is growing better day by day. He always learns form his previous performances.



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