Benefits of new 7 planet Discovery according to NASA

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NASA’s 7 planets discovery.

Today NASA declare that they found new solar system with 7 new earth-like planets. It’s very important discovery for every human and they also said that they there must be water on these planets so this is another good news for us because as we know we are damaging earth and may be the day will come soon when we have to leave the planet earth or die. It is possible by help of next generation telescope and some intelligent astronomers. They raised hope that the hunt for aliens beyond the solar system will start much sooner.

 Benefits of NASA’s 7 planets discovery

  1. Perhaps we will get new source of energy in near future

    according to scientists we are going to find another Eco-system will all new energy type and very new materials and metals and other thing which we don’t know, even can’t think about that. But if we ot something very powerful or energetic then must be the mankind will be reach to the new and higher level and we will developed too high with new technology. energy sources of future

  2. New Technology

    We are going to meet new technology with various new theories for our upcoming technologies and we will reach to the next level of our tool and devices. according to scientists currently we are very backward than alien-technology they already have far better technology and have for upgraded device and mean of communications.mean of communication of future with alien technology

  3. Hunt for alien beyond the solar system

    Currently we have several clues about alien visits of earth, but we don’t have sufficient information about them and we also don’t have enough technology to go far for gathering information about them. But now scientist can say that we will go for alien hunt beyond the solar system very sooner. May be on these planet there will be already some civilizations will be living. who know we will get something very strange about us. It will also be possible that we met our friends or biggest enemy of universe.aliens of future

  4. We will reach to new planet soon

    Scientist said that the new 7 planets are 40 light years away from us. It means if we travel with light speed it will take 40 years to reach the nearest planets among these 7. A person who is older than 30 now will not able to reach these planet ever. its means its for future kids or future generation.But if scientist find something fastest than light than we can got something new and able to see some great discovery in our life. I hope our kids will definitely see something greater in life   traveling in space with light speed

  5. Need to find wormholes technology

    Currently scientist know there is a thing like wormhole but how they work is still a subject of research. According to scientists and astrologer now they are very near to search the wormhole technology so we will travel very fast, even faster than light. (if you really interested in this, you should watch Interstellar a Christopher Nolan’s movie) wormhole



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