12 Perks Of Being Short

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You have heard them calling you Shorty or Chotu. You have also heard them saying ki mummy ko bolo complan pilaye and a lot more, but being a shorty has its own set of benefits. Even in your late twenties, you can curl up like a somewhat eight-teen and camouflage your real age.

Let’s talk about the good things of being a shorty:

1. Always fetch compliments like- oh! you look so young

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Because you’re too petite to be seen as someone too old. Apparently people ask you which class instead of which company


2. The word “leg space” won’t remind you of any painful event

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Because your tiny toes fit in everywhere


3. You can pick quirky clothes from the kids section

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The best of both worlds


4. You can easily slip through at crowded places

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And no one would actually know


5. You can wear your favorite clothes from high school; apparently the size is pretty much just the same

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Haha and your friends would wonder how many clothes do you really have


6. It is amazing how little space you need; makes you feel like an austere Sparta

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Can hang out on a swing set as a grown up. Totally


7. The tallest heels won’t make you too tall and the shortest clothes won’t be too short

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Ahh, what a delight. Just hanging in there


8. No matter what- You’ll always be in the front row of every picture

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So no one will ever forget you


9.Pamperness overdose

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Too much love, what to do?!


10. Your head never bumps on low ceilings

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Too low for low ceilings


11. Access to kids discount, if, not asked about the age

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Is always going to fall on your silver spoon


12. And on top of that, you are always adorable. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO

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So all the short people out there, do not be sad because you can’t reach that box on the top of that shelf. These perks are surely gonna help you with a way out.



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