13 Reasons Why Your Salary Will Never Be Enough

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Salary: A fixed regular payment, typically paid on a monthly basis but often seen as something which is not enough and never will be.

CTC perks, fancy job, lucrative title and an excellent designation can fetch you thousands and even lakhs for some, but you know, it is never enough. No matter how much you make, your wallet loses its shit quite early and its downright disappointing; even with your perfect job and company.

Here’s a salary debacle for thorough validation:

1. It is not nearly enough to put up with your needs

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Ite me kaise chalega?


2. No wonder you always think that *thoda aur* could have been a better deal

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Thoda hain aur bohot ki zaroorat hain.


3. Middle of the month is the time you start getting broke

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Oh noo! It’s right after the first week. That’s when we go broke.


4. The time you get broke is the time when all the fun starts

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Not for you, but for your friends. Parties, concerts, movies, birthdays etc.


5. You always wonder how some of your friends manage to buy apartments with EMI

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And deep down, they wonder the same.


6. However, most are as broke as you’re

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See, told ya! You’re not alone.


7. You made promises to yourself about living a good life within your pay, till shit got real

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Which is no money moments?


8. It is so because the more you earn, the more you spend

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Well, that’s obvious. Greed is your sin.


9. And at one point you tried it all; savings and shit

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But did it help?


10. But when everything is said and done, only a half-empty wallet is left at your disposal

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Or even a lesser amount.


11. And just when you run short of money, the entire world is on some celebration

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Like I said- the party did start before you walked in.


12. Surprise office party, birthdays, dinners that demand you to dutch money can be a total nightmare

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Feels like they snatch it out from your wallet.


13. Is It forever going to be a love-hate affair with paychecks, eh?

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I guess always, unless of course you marry someone from the Ambanis’ heir.

Indeed, it’s a great philosophical realization that the money you make will always fall an inch short of your expectations. Just settle for the beauty you can create with whatever you have.

livin la vida loca. 



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