13 Things You Deal With When You Have A Short Tempered Friend

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That dreadful angry friend.

In our country that friend ends up becoming the “Bhai”of the group. People usually think not once but 1000 times before speaking in front of them. If the lid blows, then surely there is a real life Bollywood fight to be experienced. We all deal with that kind of friend and along with them comes their side, after and on site effects.

Here are the things that will totally remind you of that friend:

1. If someone tries to eve tease you or steal something from your bag, an instant fight breaks out


Starts from ,”ch***ya saala” and ends with “wapas dikhega saale ghar nahi jayega”.


2. They seem weirdly intimidating when they have an angry look on their face


You know when you’re supposed to not bother them.


3. You’re geared up for some lashing out when you break some bad news to them


Dekh bhai shaanti rakh, mein samjha raha hoon na tereko toh shaanti se samajh.


4. When someone tries to fool you in money matters, you make sure your friend doesn’t get to know about it…


…Because if they do, no one can stop the unstoppable.


5. Because of their quick temper, you’re constantly asking them to chill



6. When they agree with you after cooling off, you feel a sense of accomplishment



7. Since they’re the angry ones, they often take care of arguments for you, and that makes you feel carefree around them


Also, you’re sure that you will have a lot of fight stories to tell your grand kids when you grow old. ;)


8. You’re vigilant when you’re with them on public transport


With the way people are on buses and metros, you never know what can piss your friend off.


9. When they’re venting their anger out to you, you nod along quietly


It’s all you can do, because they need to be heard out.


10. But, you don’t stop them when you see them lose their shit for the right reasons


An advantage of them being short-tempered, tbh.


11. Deep inside you know that they try hard to control their temper


And with all the efforts, one day they will win.


12. When they seem calm on occasions you would expect them to lose it, it surprises you


Dude, you okay?


13. They lose their temper and cool down instantly while you’re still trying to process what just happened


And this is their best quality. Sure, they lose their shit real quick, but they also calm down real quick. You know that they won’t keep a grudge, and that’s why you love them.

Being with short-tempered friends is like walking around a ticking time bomb, but the best part? you learn to become the bomb diffuser. :)





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