15 Torture Reason Your Parents Give You to get Married

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Indian parents are looking for new reasons to get their children married since eternity. The reasons could be as petite as–” Woah dude, you make good food, let’s get you married !”. But imma make good for myself.  So anyway, after years of experience of what I have heard and what my friends keep hearing every now and then, I have firmly concluded that every reason is insanely sane to get you married.

Indian marriages FTW !!

1. Hum buddhe ho rahe hain. . . .

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Haan, I know da.

2. Chaar log kya kahenge

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I don’t even know who the hell these people are. . .

3. Ab tumhari umar hogayi hain

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I know, but age is just a number eeh?

4. Tumhare school friends ke toh bache bhi ho gaye

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Ab unhe jaldi thi to me kya karu :'(

5. Jaldi shaadi karlo,baad me chehre ka glow chala jata hain

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Abhi konsa bacha hain

6. Ab toh tumhari naukri bhi lag gayi; what else is left?

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Naukri maine paise ke liye ki hain, shaadi ke liye nahi . . (Ok, whatever; but abhi nahi )

7. Kum se kum apne chote bhai / bhen ka soch lo

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haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain ? Aap mera soch lo ?

8. Bohot acha rishta aya hain, pata nahi baad me aisa mile na mile

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Can’t say about this one.

9. Dada / Dadi ki icha hain tum unke samne shaadi karo. . .

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Bhai sahab, chill !

10. Aaj fir dinner bahar kara, beta tum shaadi karlo

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11. Padhai khatam ho gayi, ab shaadi karlo

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12. Tumhari shaadi karana hamara farz hain; shaadi karlo

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Aapke aur bhi farz hain. Jaise meri khushi. .

13. Late shaadi karogay to bacche bhi late honge; get married FTW

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Seems legit.

14. Zamana bohot kharab hain, tum shaadi karlo

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Ye kya baat hui ?

15. Kya kar rahe ho apni life ke sath; chalo shaadi karlo

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Plzzz, let me go !



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