14 Things That Happen When You’re Bad At Remembering Names

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You must agree that is not easy to remember names. There are many things in life that you have to keep a note of, and names can easily find a way out of your memory every once in a while. Okay, maybe more than that.

But it’s okay if you don’t make a big deal out of it. Not remembering names is an absolute struggle and not a healthy place to be in, because some people might take it as an offense.

Read on to know more about these poor souls.

1. When you meet a bunch of new people and they all introduce themselves you hardly pay attention


 Who cares, I won’t remember their names anyway.


2. “Sorry, I have a problem remembering names. So, what did you say your name was again?” This is your first sentence before starting a conversation with the person you just met


 Well, at least I apologize and accept the fact that I can’t remember names.


3. Sometimes you find yourself completely blank when you have to address someone


 Aahh.. you know that tall guy with short hair from your class, what’s his name?


4. Hey! or Hi there! These are your regular starters coz you don’t remember their names


 They sound polite and no feelings are hurt. :)


5. You smartly strike conversations that make people repeat their names


“Bhai, how do you spell your name?”


6. If they are standing at a distance, you would rather walk up to them instead of calling out their name


 Look at the bright side, I just burnt 4 calories while walking up.


7. You ask for the person’s name multiple times


 Sorry, can’t help it I didn’t get it the first or the second or third time.


8. While talking to someone you just met, you constantly repeat their name in your mind instead of focusing on what they have to say


 I just want to remember their name, is that so bad?


9. Around your close friends, you go like, ‘Aahh…what’s your name?’ without thinking twice


 Coz they know names and I never go hand in hand, so they don’t mind or question.


10. People often ask, “How come you don’t remember the restaurant/ movie/ song name if it was so good”?


I was just enjoying the food. :(


11. Few numbers on your phone are saved as XYZ, Someone from the cafe, Someone from the office etc..


 Coz names. :(


12. You call out for all the other names but the right one


Errr… Rahul, Rohan, Rohit darn! Bhaiyya..suno. :P


13. The reason why someday you’ll call your better half Boo, Babe, Honey, Sugar bun is because, you know


Okay fine! I forget names but aisa bhi hota hai kya?


14. On those rare occasions, when you do remember names, people celebrate you like a miracle


 Yeah, yeah thank you. I know I am too good. :P ;) :D

This inability to remember names can often put people in embarrassing situations. However, as long as you have smart and polite ways to slip out of such situations keep forgetting ;)

Shakespeare says, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.



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