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The first thing people notice when they see someone that has recently gained on weight is the excessive weight in the stomach area. Perhaps the stomach fat or your stomach’s volume on your sides has increased because you spend too much time on your computer and lead a sedentary life? Don’t worry, because the illustrations below will help you burn unwanted fats easily. These targeted exercises are developed and practiced by the fitness model and actor Adrian James.

1st exercise:
Lie down on a fitness mattress, put your hands under your butt and lift the upper part of your back. Straighten your legs and start criss – crossing them over one another.
2nd exercise:
Shift your right foot onto your left knee, while lying on a fitness mattress, raise your back and bring your right knee and left elbow together. Switch the position of your elbows and legs and repeat the exercise.

3rd exercise:
Put your hands up by your temples, while lying on a fitness mattress, bend your knees and start lifting your upper back.
4th exercise:
Lie down on a fitness mattress with your your legs straight out in front of you and upper back raised. Start alternately lifting your legs up and down.
5th exercise:
Lie down on a fitness mattress, raise your head and your back, bend your knees, place your arms on your sides and with your fingertips start touching your feet (left hand – left leg, right hand – right leg).



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