Campus: Then What? Success?

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So I am just wondering, what are the options open for me after I graduate? I am visualizing what will transpire when I meet up with my classmates five years down the line and I can only imagine the different lifestyles we will be having. One will be sending wedding invites to me, overjoyed that she is getting married while some of us will be jealous of her. Another one will already have had two children and a third one on the way, and that is most probably the one who used to air freely her sentiments on how she will never have children. Another one will be on a rising career driving the most expensive car (Rolls Royce) around and adorning the latest fashion. Another one will be done with her masters and half way through her PhD. Another dating a very rich man old enough to be her father. The last one that I think of will have a long-term relationship and probably she will be dating one of the former classmates and she wants to push things to marriage.

In all this I am trying to see myself and what I will be. I just think and wonder where I might lie and where I would want to lie. It is my last year on campus and to be sincere I am terribly scared of the world out there. Getting a degree is an indication that you are mature enough to pay your own bills? I will no longer depend on my parents. I am anxious to get there. Having the good grades I see myself landing a well-paying job but my worry if I will have the footing to go out there on my own? Will I stay employed or will I start my own? I will move to my own place and I am nostalgic about this whole experience.

I have seen my younger aunts get done with campus, get good jobs, and as they near the age of 30, our relatives and parents start pressuring them to get married. Some people don’t get married as part of personal freedom while some marry as a choice, some are single parents and others get divorced.

I am wondering what the standard equation for success in life is. Who is the most successful? Is it the friend I meet who married immediately after campus and has 3 children, the one getting married, the single one with a top career, the one dating and pushing for marriage, the one dating a rich man or the one graduating with a PHD? Most importantly what do I term as success? To my parents success is acquiring the highest degree in education. During the days of our fore-fathers, success was having many children.

I’m still not sure what the definition of success is in this time and age as the question of “What is your ideal standard for success?” and “Who is the most successful?” lingers.



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