10 Times Life Get Weird when you Have A Friend With the Same name

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Here are a few things you experience when you have a friend with the same name.

1. It goes without saying that when someone calls out your name, you and your namesake turn around


Both, at once.

2. Often times, they call out your names just to see the confusion between you and your namesake


Let’s not even start with how much that annoys you.

3. People always get a little surprised when you tell them that your best friend has the same name as you


Yes, yes. Be done with that already.

4. And that invites a lot of silly jokes regarding the state of your name with your namesake


“Neha and Neha. Lol I should call you guys Neha squared lol.”

5. When dry laughter at those jokes doesn’t cut it, you even resort to death glares


Say ‘Neha squared’ one more time. I dare you.

6. Shit gets a whole lot more real when you share a name with a person of the opposite sex

same name

“Chinmay and Chinmayee? Lolololol.”

7. The entire namesake thing has made your friends save your numbers differently ways to avoid confusion


Chinmay BOY and Chinmayee GIRL. Can’t blame ‘em.

8. You’ve encountered situations where people have sent you a text instead of your namesake


And even called you accidentally.

9. To save themselves and you from any confusion, people resort to your nick names to get your attention


It’s just a cherry on top if they’ve given you a weird nick name.

10. On the bright side though, it’s easy for you to buy them stuff like souvenirs because you have the same name


Just buy two of the same name. Yaaassss.

11. Mistaken conversations can be fun to screw around with



12. And you know that having a friend with the same name as you is pretty cool




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