13 Things You face When People Don’t Understand Your job

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Among the herd of conventional people doing conventional jobs, some of us are odd. While we may or may not thrive at our unconventional jobs, there are a lot of people who just don’t understand what we do for a living. And no matter how much we try to explain, they don’t get it. They wonder why we’re constantly on our laptops, or why we have to travel so much. They don’t get why we’re working from home, or why we wear shorts when we’re going to office.

Here are the things you face when people don’t understand what you do for a living.

1. You are asked, a number of times, what your job entails


“So, what exactly do you do?”

2. And you’re geared up to respond to their queries regarding your job


Some of their questions are pretty silly.

3. You have almost given up on making them understand what you do


Ugh, nevermind.

4. You’re used to people asking you, “so THIS is what you get paid for?”


As a matter of fact, I do.

5. When some people actually understand what you do, you feel a sense of accomplishment



6. Because you’re so tired of explaining, you come up with a simple word to make them understand


“Facebook. I do things on Facebook.”

7. Some people even think that your job doesn’t make sense


“You put videos on YouTube and get money for it? Yeah, right.”

8. They assume that just because they don’t understand your job, you have a lot of free time


No matter what time it is, they think it’s okay to bother you.

9. If your job requires you to work from home, people assume you’re jobless


They will come to you while you’re working, and ask you to run errands and do chores. Like, seriously?

10. You feel a little bit sad about the fact that you can talk about your job only to people of the same industry


And no one else. It bothers you when you can’t vent out your job-related anger in front of anyone who doesn’t get your job.

11. Even though people don’t know what you do, they’re the first ones to ask you for a treat when you get a raise/get promoted


Because, obviously.

12. Despite all this, though, you love the fact that people think you’re cool for having a different job


They think you’re awesome for picking a job that isn’t considered normal by the others.

13. And no matter what, your loved ones support you and give you good advice over how to do well


They may not get what you do- they may not understand the crazy number of nights you’ve spent in office, or why you like working on your laptop in a coffee shop, but they’re always supportive of it. They will always try to help you when you have any kind of trouble, even if it eventually makes sense or not. And that’s more important than them knowing your job. :)



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