15 Things People Do On Facebook Nobody Wants to Know

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With great power comes great electricity bill and too much information about what others are doing and too many feeds on your Facebook wall. So much for digitization that you actually know the color of your friend’s pet dog’s vomit or the last time they bought a water bottle.

Here’re some nobody-gives-a-shit-about-things that people post on Facebook:

1. Where they are going out for lunch

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Eating pani puri with tinku, minku, chinku and rinku.

2. What they ate last night for dinner

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That awkward moment when you read that people are having dinner with their family, at home.

3. How cute their pet dog’s poop looks like

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These tags just don’t stop.

4. What’s the color of nail polish that they are wearing today

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Yes girls, Facebook wasn’t meant for this.

5. Their extreme Photoshop skills

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So much, so that you won’t recognize them  in person.

6. *Random Instagram-ed pictures*

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7. Feeling sad/ feeling angry/ feeling cute / feeling shitty

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Do I look like someone who cares?

8. #love #bff #expressions #sistalove #

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Also, half of them don’t realize what these hashtags are for.

9. Birthday of their car/ cycle/ laptop/ mobile phone/ dogs

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10. How much they love people who live in the same house

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Seriously. STOP.

11. What they dreamt last night

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What about NO?

12. How their broken leg looks like

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13. What song they are listening to

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You know what, it’s not your fault actually. One should totally blame Facebook for adding a feature like that.

14. Which movie/ serial that they are watching

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XYZ watching Sasural Simar Ka. :/

15. Facebook calendar/ yearbook

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Every year brings new shit.

16. Which level they crossed on Candy Crush

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On the great green God’s earth, who invented that?

17. *Social Display of Affection* Lub ya, Miss ya

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They just won’t stop.

Wait, someone just posted their entire honeymoon album; let me check. BRB.



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