10 Life Situation Where Phones Rescue Us

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Technology. So many reasons to love it. Today, we have even the smallest bit of information on the tip of our fingers-our phones. But, more than information, our phones have helped us with other things that are more important- getting out of awkward situations.

Let’s all take a moment to reminisce and thank our beloved phones for rescuing us from typical life situations.

1. When you see someone you know but you don’t want to talk to them


*Start texting no one*

2. When you’re waiting for someone and they’re late


Okay, just gonna wait here and play Candy Crush for a while.

3. When you want to get out of a date that is going horribly


Been there. Done that.

4. When you’re sitting in the toilet and you know it’s going to take you a long time to get out


Suddenly, you can’t remember how you used to kill time in the toilet before you had a phone.

5. When you run into someone you know and you need to excuse to get out


“Hey, I’m getting a call. I’ll talk to you later? Kthanksbye.”

6. When you’re at a boring family gathering and you’re surrounded by aunties


And you’re the only one out there who isn’t too old or too young.

7. When you need to get out of a meeting so you tell them that the call you’re getting is ‘urgent’


Best reason to have a phone, tbh.

8. When you’re stuck at an extremely boring lecture



9. When your friend’s parents start scolding them in front of you


And you’re confused whether to make a serious face or laugh at your friend. Thank you, phone.

10. When you’re with one person in the lift and the awkwardness is obvious

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And that’s when you breathe a sigh of relief about your best friend being next to you – your smartphone.



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