12 Things Women Do That Turn men Off Big Time

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Even though we find certain people more attractive over the others, some things are just not cool. While there are some qualities in men that women don’t like, men also have a list at their disposal. Let’s have a look, shall we?

P.S.- this list was made after a discussion with a number of guys, and the quotations are some of the things said during the discussion.

Here are some of the things that men find a huge turn off in women.

1. Being extremely loud


 2. When they’re too clingy


There’s cute, and then, there’s that. ^

3. Bringing up their ex boyfriends into conversations


It’s fine to let the guy know about them, but they’re bound to be a little concerned when the girl won’t stop talking about it.

4. Not being able to hold their liquor


There’s nothing more unattractive than a woman wasted to the point where she can’t handle herself.

5. When they don’t bother offering to pay when on a date


“We’re not saying that you absolutelyhave to pay. Offer to do it. We’ve both had the meal. It just speaks volumes about you when you assume that it is the guy’s responsibility to pay. It’s like you’re dependent on other people for things.”

6. When they don’t communicate directly


“We don’t understand the silent treatment; it’s the worst. We can’t read minds, TELL US what you’re feeling. Discuss it. We would appreciate that.”

7. Too much make-up


“Subtle make-up is completely fine, but wearing a cake of it is not. Even if you’re doing it for yourself.”

8. Not being hygienic


“You want us to shave, cool. But you have to take care of yourself too.”

9. Playing the damsel in distress for no reason at all


10. Nagging way too much


11. Being too insecure about their looks


“Everyone is a little bit not okay with how they look, but it’s not cool if you’re overly obsessed with it.”

12. And lastly, bitching about other women


“The way you talk about other women behind their backs is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.”



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