13 Things You Face When you are Friends With a Practical Person

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We all have that one friend who, among the rest of us, makes the most sense almost all the time. This friend is logical, practical, and has a very no-nonsense approach to life. They’re someone you need in life when you’re going berserk over silly things, so that they can knock some sense into you with their just and fair views.

Here are the things you face when you’re friends with a practical person:

1. You can count on them for organizing an event perfectly


Their organisational skills will never let you down.

2. Or when you need to split a complicated dinner bill


No worries; they’re on it!

3. They’re the ones you run to when you need advice on something


They might not tell you what you want to hear, but they’ll definitely tell you what you need to hear.

4. Even if your views differ a lot sometimes, you appreciate them for accepting it


They’re not the kind of people to force their opinion on you. They’re always up for a healthy debate.

5. You can count on them for stating the pros and cons for any risky thing you feel like doing


So, you’ll be well informed before you go do something you may or may not regret. :P

6. You’re amazed by how calm they can stay at any given situation


It’s like their nerves never get twisted. At all. For anything.

7. And you know that when you’re around them, you can trust their instincts blindly


That’s one of the best things about them.

8. Sometimes, you wonder if they even have emotions


How can they let nothing affect them as easily as you do? What is up with that?

9. They will always give you a rational conclusion to every thing


And if it’s not in your favour, you hate them for it.

10. It is especially fun to see them lose their mind when they have a crush on someone


Suddenly they turn into a puddle of irrationality.

11. You are in awe of the way they’re so graceful when it comes to handling the worst of situations


If only you could do the same. Sigh.

12. You know that they will always be around to keep you grounded


No matter where you are, you know they’ll tell things to you the way they’re meant to be told.

13. And finally, you’re glad you’re friends with someone so incredibly mature and thoughtful


Even though you have a blast doing absolutely weird things together, you know that they will always have your back-and be ready with some anti-bullshit advice.

Being friends with them has now set a high benchmark for anyone else who wants to be your friend, and you would honestly have it no other way. :)



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