14 Things People Who just Cannot Remember password will Understand

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Passwords are for you what the space -time continuum is to Kamal R Khan – you just don’t get it. You have tried, given up, and tried again and again to remember passwords but you just can’t. Boost, Complan, almonds, nothing helps your memory and the following struggles are an everyday thing for you.

1. You have to keep everything password protected somehow


It’s like your life is laughing at you, in your face.

2. You can never keep different passwords


You try to keep the same password everywhere as much as possible.

3. If you can’t, then all your passwords are variations of each other


Good luck to you if someone figures one password out.

4. While setting passwords, you have to use the same security question everywhere or the same answer for every damn question


Otherwise, it’s this. ^

5. You have your passwords written all over the place


Your phone, your laptop, every place has at least one password scribbled somewhere.

6. Your passwords almost always have a birth date for you to remember it conveniently


Lol. Obviously.

7. You always have that one email ID that acts as backup for everything else in case you forget passwords


*Breathes sigh of relief*

8. You never log out of your accounts in case you forget the password


And this had led you into a lot of trouble when other people have tried to use your system.

9. Getting a new phone or a laptop is not exactly a good news for you, because…


…you have to remember all passwords to login to your accounts.

10. Clicking on the “forgot password” tab is pretty common for you


FML. Not again.

11. Changing passwords is the biggest nightmare for you


I have to… *gulps*… change the password. *gulps*

12. And you know you’re screwed when you can’t remember the security question


Could I be any more useless?

13. Sometimes you get so frustrated, with the whole process, that you consider creating a brand new account


And when you do change the password you make it a point to immediately update it in your secret list of all passwords.

14. And the worst, worst thing that can happen is… you losing your secret list of passwords


Life, then, needs to re-start.

Murphy’s Law of Passwords: If you think you are going to forget a password, then most likely you’ve already forgotten it. :P



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