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In July 2013 just a few days before his 70th birthday John Tanzi was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Doctors prognosis were that he would live from two to six months if he refuses chemo, and a little longer with chemo.

But John was experienced on the matter, because he had seen many of his family and close friend go to chemo and still die in pain and misery. That is when he decided to look for a way to improve his health and cure himself at the same time.


The first thing John did was change his diet completely. John removed dairy products, refined sugar, and meat from his diet. He also followed the “cancer diet,” and the recommendations of CancerTutor.com, and continued to look for natural alternatives and pray.

During his research he found 250mg gel capsulated form of the four – herb Essiac tea. He was also consuming beta glucan gel cap for every 50 pounds of his weight.

It was written in the Life Extension Magazine that, “Beta glucans have been used as an immune system stimulant or an immunoadjuvant therapy for cancer since 1980, mostly in Japan.” Lentinan is known as great anti – cancer superfood and is a beta – glucan contained in shiitake mushrooms. These mushrooms stop the development of the tumors and shrink them.

John advised other patients diagnosed with cancer always to look the right thing for them and to always go for the natural alternative treatment and the most important change their lifestyle. You can join his Facebook group “Holistic Cancer and Health Chat Room” and ask or share any questions you may have.



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