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The banana diet is worldwide popular and has no particular regime. It only suggests eating bananas in the morning and drinking lukewarm water.

This diet was created by Sumiko, pharmacist, and her spouse Hitoshi Watanabe who lost 18 kilograms in only 3 months. They published the diet on the popular social website “Mixy” and that is how it became popular. Although nutritionists claim that bananas contain many calories, 90kcal in 100g, those supporting this diet on the other hand, claim that bananas are full of enzymes that boost metabolism and digestion.

The banana diet does not propose strict regime or special meals. You should only eat one or more bananas in the morning and drink lukewarm water. Then, you can continue eating as usual during the day, but try not to eat later than 6 p.m. If you feel thirsty, drink slowly lukewarm water.



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