11 Struggle of A Girl Dating to A Tall guy

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The weirdest combinations are the best, and this stands true for couples as well. Wonder why Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan look so adorable together? It’s because of their massive height difference and although couples like these do look perfect together, they have their own share of struggles:

1. Standing normally to reach out to them is just not an option

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You constantly have to be on the tip of your toes.

2. Making eye contact with him is the most difficult (read as pain in the neck part)

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3. Hugging him literally becomes bear hugs

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Because you literally reach their chest/stomach.

4. Your photos together are weird because one of you doesn’t fit in

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Mostly him, because other people are of normal height, like you.

5. Wearing heels is no use, you’re still short compared to him

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You trip quite often and wearing heels all the time is painful

6. Kissing him becomes all weird – one of you has to crouch down or climb up

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7. People cannot stop staring at you

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And often comment about your height difference behind your back

8. Holding hands is a different kind of struggle

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Considering your arms are not even at the same level

9. Wearing his clothes is funny – because they look like pillow cases on you

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10. When walking in a crowded place and if he’s leading the way, you have to be extra careful

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You never know whom you might bump into when all you can see is his back

11. You literally feel like a puppet around him


He can play with you, lift you and carry you across like a baby, but that is one of the best parts of being with him.

Shine on, and reach for the stars him shortie. ;)



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