13 New Words, Phrases, and Acronyms for 2015

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At the risk of sounding like my father, here are 13 relatively new words, phrases, and acronyms to listen for in 2015. Some have been bubbling up for a couple years, garnering grass roots legitimacy. The newer words have been around since summer 2014. And some are so over-used, the people who once used the vernacular in everyday conversation now mock them. Use these words at your own risk.

1. Bae
This acronym is just about as played out as the phrase “played out.” Fortune 500 companies have ruined this word by using it as ad copy. In America, it means Before Anyone Else (you know, like your boyfriend or girlfriend, or anything else you love). It’s Danish translation is poop. (Use with caution if you’re in Denmark.)

2. On Fleek
This year’s “On point.” In short, something that’s very good, usually pertaining to teen girls’ eyebrows for some reason.

3. “Awww thanks.”
Used mostly by females on social media. It means, ‘Welcome to the friendzone, guy.’

4. Thirsty
Someone either desperate or overeager – usually teenage guys. If you’re parched, you’re very thirsty.

5. Swole
This one has been around for a number of years, but it’s just making itself known to parents and other authority figures now. It’s short for swollen, as in a body that’s so muscular, it looks swollen. Sort of gives off a disturbing image, doesn’t it?

6. Turnt Up
In 2015, you’re not inebriated, you’re turnt up and you’re happy, not surly.

7. The Peanut Table
The table in the cafeteria where students with nut allergies sit. Told to me by an elementary school teacher who’s been using the term with his fellow teachers since 2014.

8. Basic
In short, if you’re basic, you’re unsophisticated. Along with bae, basic is a relatively new word, but it’s been adopted by the mainstream so fast and with so much frequency, you’re considered basic by the gatekeepers just by using the word basic.

9. You so extra
You’re loud and annoying. This one is still trending upwards and hasn’t reached its oversaturation level yet, but just you wait.

10. Squad
There was a time when a group of similar-looking, middle-class kids were called a clique, a crew, a gang – even a posse. Now they’re a squad.

11. THOT
Another grower of a word. It gained notoriety in 2012, but it’s just now getting social media visibility. It’s an derogatory acronym, best left unwritten here, but if you’re considered a THOTTIE in 2014, you’re an attractive young lady who’s very popular with the boys.

12. Throwing shade
To insult someone with cool subtlety. This one’s also been around for awhile, but it’s just now hitting its saturation point. Ellen uses it a lot now if you’re looking for a good indicator of its overuse.



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